Why Yodel is Coming Just in Time

Sep 2, 2021

Yodel Community Connections
Let’s face it, 2020 was hard. Communities just weren’t the same and families couldn’t do the things they loved most. We’ve been isolated for so long, but thankfully things are finally starting to go back to normal.

Since normalcy is on the horizon, Yodel has come at the perfect time. Organizations are wanting to boost their event attendance, donations, engagement, and create new connections – things that felt almost impossible in 2020. Families want to engage within their communities, connect with new people, and get to events that they are interested in. Yodel can make all of this happen.

Once an organization has joined Yodel, families in that community can “follow” them and have their events delivered to their calendar automatically. No more searching for website calendars, sifting through group texts, or wondering when your nephew’s little league game is. Yodel will have everything you need at a glance.

Because community members will have their favorite organization’s events on their calendars automatically, event attendance will increase, engagement will sky rocket and more donations will start pouring into the organizations on Yodel. It’s the perfect “win-win” scenario.

We all are ready for real connections and for our communities to feel like “community” again. With Yodel, we are turning that into a reality. Join us.

Why Yodel is Coming Just in Time