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A Completely Innovative
Approach to the 
Community Calendar.

Yodel pulls in events, news, updates, and public announcements and delivers them to community members based on their unique interests. 

We partner with community leaders to increase community engagement, commerce, and tourism. 

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It Starts With Innovative Technology

Yodel's unique technology brings local events, news, announcements, and tourism information to one app for your entire community.  

After gaining approvals, Yodel scrapes Facebook, websites, newsletters, and digital calendars to maximize the amount of local information available on the app.    

One App For Everything Local 

Events & Activities

Not only is everything in one spot, but Yodel notifies community members of upcoming activities and events that match their interests.

  • School and kids' events

  • Local live music and entertainment

  • Sporting events

  • Nonprofit events

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • And more...

No more searching dozens of websites, scrolling Facebook and missing events.  


Local News & Updates

Local updates and news are constantly being updated and presented on community members' feeds based on their unique interests.  

Studies show that when people know what’s happening locally, they buy locally. 

Public Announcements

Now you can easily communicate with everyone in the community about road closures, snow and water alerts, public safety notices and anything else you need to convey.


Your messages are prioritized and pushed to virtually everyone in the community to keep everyone safe and informed.


Visitor Information

Most visitor sites only show the big events and venues. 


Whether it's food truck day or Aunt Sandy is coming to town for a week, Yodel gets local residents and visitors alike connected with something they'll enjoy.    


Value of community: Community is where we enjoy our family and friends.  It’s where our kids grow up.  It’s where we volunteer.  And, it’s the place where lifelong connections are made.

Community leaders bring value:   Community leaders actively seek ways to improve our communities by building parks, infrastructure, and local programs.  They are dedicated to attracting new businesses, creating energy and new opportunities for everyone.

Forces are pulling people away from community: Unfortunately, today there are many forces pulling people away from their communities:  social media, online shopping, and the decline in local news sources. 

Yodel brings people back to their community:  Yodel is all about bringing people together, providing a platform for people to find the richness within their own community.

Local engagement means local dollars:  When people engage in local activities, they spend money locally, they make connections, and they volunteer, all of which are the makings of a great community. 


Help your community thrive:  If, through Yodel, you can keep dollars and activities local, your community will thrive and your leadership will be recognized  by community members, businesses, and organizations within the community. 

How Yodel Helps Your Community

Check Out All the Communities Using Yodel 

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What People Are Saying About Yodel... 

“I like the opportunity to get the word out about events that are happening in our area. As a non-profit, this is a great resource.” – Community Member, Logan, OH 

“It’s a positive addition to the community. I like it better than scrolling through Facebook posts on community pages.”- Community Member, Zanesville, OH 

Events that didn't get a big a turnout before now have people there who wouldn't have known about it before. – Mayor Todd Barton, Crawfordsville, IN 

We LOVE Yodel!!  Hands on the best thing to help know what's going on!   - BulletProof 189 Co., Eaton, OH 

“Yodel has all of the community events on it focused on Pickerington – it’s a great app!” – Mayor Lee Gray, Pickerington, OH 

The experience and the Yodel Team are both top-notch. You will not be disappointed, and it is marketing money well-spent.” – Amy Crown, Coshocton Area Chamber of Commerce 

Bringing Yodel To Your Community Is Easy 



We communicate with all local organizations you specify.  We connect our technology to gather up events, news, and public announcements.     



In less than 90 days, the community wide launch takes place along with tons of promotion that we help orchestrate.



We don’t stop there, though, we stand alongside you to help build engagement so your community keeps getting stronger every year.

Get Yodel For Your Community

Thanks for submitting! A member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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