Get your kids' events on your calendar automatically  
Get the entire family on the same page
Eliminate miscommunications
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Yodel family calendar via the mobile app.
Display of events being delivered to the family calendar automatically.
The family calendar
that enters events for you. 
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Your family calendar just got better...
way better.

No more family scheduling hassle 

Yodel is the only calendar that delivers your kids' events to your family calendar automatically.  Most calendars require a lot of care and feeding but with Yodel, you just "follow" the things your kids are involved in and your calendar is maintained for you. 
Ditch the kitchen calendar and just Yodel it. 

Know who is going where 

Yodel's color grid lets you put multiple family members on one event, something that most calendars don't allow.  You'll wonder how you ever coordinated the family without this feature. 
Woman holding her phone checking her Yodel calendar.
Yodel calendar brings all your schedules into one place.

Bring schedules from all your apps into one place

Today, there's the soccer app, the school app, the band app, and the church app.  You may be flipping between them just to piece together your schedule.
Yodel brings all those schedules (and more) into one calendar for your entire family to see. 
Family smiling look at their calendar.

Ditch the group texts, emails, and paper schedules

With Yodel, your calendar becomes the single source for everything you need to know.  There's no need to sift through texts, emails, or papers to find when and where you're supposed to be.   
Yodel calendar links to any external calendar.

Continue using your favorite calendar

Yodel works with Google, Outlook, Apple, and most web calendars so you don't have to change a thing. Just link Yodel to your existing calendar and you're good to go. 

We have the schedules

your family needs  







...and growing 

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Easy to get started

Download the app
Follow schedules
Get events on your calendar automatically
Yodel calendar schedule details page via the mobile app.
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Yodel calendar login page via the mobile app.
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Know a team or organization that should be on Yodel?

If you know a team or organization that should be on Yodel, enter their contact information we'll let them know. 

Still not convinced?

Check out these videos and you'll never use a regular calendar again.  

Parents explain Yodel

Let a parent describe how Yodel helps their family.  

Johnny's left at practice


Johnny's parents forgot who is supposed to pick him up from practice today... again. They need Yodel.  

Someone forgot to tell grandma


Everyone, including Grandma, could use Yodel for knowing when the kids events are. 

Ditch the group texts

Aren't you sick of those overwhelming group chats for your kids little league team? Let's ditch them and get Yodel instead.

Ditch the fridge calendar


Ditch the fridge calendar with Yodel and simplify your family scheduling. 

Parents love Yodel


The life of a parent is hectic.  Yodel makes it easier.   

Coach explains Yodel

Hear how Yodel helps the coach and the families easily keep in sync about the practice and game schedules.        

Family schedule by Mom


Manually entering events into your family calendar is in the past. Get Yodel to get the entire family on the same page.  

Never miss an event again

Ever miss one of the kids' events because it wasn't on your calendar?  Let Yodel make sure this never happens again.