Municipality Partners

Increasing Connections Within Your Community Just Got Easier

We partner with municipalities and local governments to help increase local engagement by providing an innovative platform for promoting events, activities, news, and local business.
Municipality Partners
Helping Communities Become More Vibrant

Helping Communities Become More Vibrant

Working with Yodel, you’ll get all of the necessary tools and support to be successful in building a vibrant, thriving, and truly connected community, including our innovative Yodel technology, a dedicated local implementation team, promotional support, and ongoing assistance for optimal engagement.

Did You Know…

An average community of 10,000 has more than 700 events each month
96% of Americans believe there are events in their communities they wish they knew about
Community leaders are usually shocked by the numbers once Yodel is implemented
Helping Communities Become More Vibrant
Discover EVERY Event in One Ultimate Directory!

Discover EVERY Event in One Ultimate Directory!

Take Your Community to the Next Level

Most community calendars only list major events and festivals. But in reality, hundreds of events happen every month in most communities. If you fail to showcase them, residents may go elsewhere for entertainment.

Yodel energizes your community
Yodel keeps your community informed and aware of all the opportunities
Community members begin to spend more time and money locally
Yodel helps to bring people where you want them to be
Emergency Alerts & Notifications

Emergency Alerts & Notifications

Get Your Message Out Quickly to Everyone

Communicate to the entire community with one platform. Your notifications can be pushed to all account holders as well as pinned to the top of the Yodel feed in the app.

Snow & Weather Alerts

Road Closures & Water Alerts

School Closings & School Board Announcements

City Council Reports

Local Government News

Special Events


Here’s What Local Leaders Are Saying About Yodel And It’s Impact In The Community

“It’s nice to have one place where you can gather all the information and get it out there.”

Travis Richards, Executive Director of the Jay County Development Corporation
Jay County, Indiana

“People now have access to everything in one place. So, some of the events that maybe didn’t get as big a turnout before will now have people there who wouldn’t have probably known about it before.”

Todd Barton, Mayor
Crawfordsville, Indiana

“Yodel is fostering communication. It’s giving people a way to collaborate and is empowering them to become more involved in our community!”

Amy Crown, Executive Director of the Coshocton Area Chamber of Commerce
Coshocton, Ohio

Bringing Yodel to Your Community is Easy


We communicate with all local organizations you specify. We connect our technology to gather events, news, and public announcements.


In less than 90 days, the community-wide launch takes place along with tons of promotion that we help orchestrate.


We don’t stop there; we stand alongside you to help build engagement so your community keeps growing every year.