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Local news and events strengthen communities by fostering social cohesion, encouraging political participation, enhancing government efficiency, and stimulating economic growth.

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Community News
Submit News Today: Keep Your Community Informed and Connected
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Yodel Feed Submission Guidelines — Agreement

Purpose: Yodel’s mission is to support community connections and engagement. We want readers to find and learn something about the local community, organizations, or people that bring value to the community.

Focus: Content should focus on the one or more of the following: Local events, Local people, Local fundraisers, charity causes or nonprofit organizations, A community need, mission, or vision, Profile Stories (community helpers, community contributors, emerging leaders), Community Impact Events (fires, local challenges, etc.)

Timing: Submissions will be published a minimum of five (5) days after submission. Stories about events should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. Stories will run for approximately 7-14 days and will be prioritized based on end-user’s interests and visits. Follow-up stories and photos should be submitted immediately after the event.

Submission process: Stories should be submitted at and should include 1-3 images/photos. While only one image will be published, providing several allows us to choose the best image for the story. If the story is primarily about a person, makes sure that at least one image be of that person. Please make sure you name the people and the event in the photos.

Curation and editing: Stories should be less than 3,000 characters which is about 400 words and will be curated against a set of criteria designed to assure that they are accurate, relevant to the community, objective, transparent, and readable. Some editing and cutting may be done prior to publication.

Questions your story should answer: To connect best with your readers, stories will be most successful if they answer the following questions. Why is this important to the community? What are the goals of this event, organization, or person? What is the history of this event, organization, or person? Who started it? Why? How many years? Who spearheads/supports/sponsors it? Is a community member acknowledged at this event? If so, provide a quote and some background information about said person. What happens during this event? How does the community prepare for the event? i.e., what does the community need to know … road closures? Redirected traffic? Pedestrians /cyclists on the road?

Liability: Yodel and its sponsors publish your content without validating or confirming its accuracy. Yodel may edit or delete parts of your content, but will preserve the facts you provided. The objective is to publish information for the community's benefit, following the described criteria.

Yodel Feed Submission Agreement