Why is family scheduling so hard?

Sep 2, 2021

Yodel Community Connections
Family scheduling is perhaps one of the biggest causes for family arguments and disconnections, so making it easy for everyone to know what’s going on is crucial for family cohesiveness and connections.

For many families coordinating the kids’ practices, games, and school programs is a real chore. One of biggest problems is there is no common format for how these schedules are delivered to the family. Some have their own app, some are delivered to you by group text, some expect you to monitor a web site, and some expect that your child tell you. Good luck with that!

Parents must piece together all these schedules and then enter them onto their calendar. And, keeping up with changes can be exhausting, especially with outdoor youth sports. As a result, the family calendar becomes a mixture of group texts, emails, apps and paper calendars.

Usually, one parent is the primary family coordinator, and, the phrase, “just tell me where and when I should be” is heard from the other spouse in many households.

Some organizations feel they address this problem by providing a downloadable schedule on their web site or app. I tried this once with a school calendar and soon realized why I never want to do this again. Within seconds I had hundreds of events on my calendar that I never wanted to attend. What was even more frustrating, I had to delete them all one at a time. Ugh!

Family calendar apps are a good option but most of them still rely on you piecing everything together and manually entering the events. And, yes, family calendars allow you to ‘subscribe’ to web or app calendars, but, again, you may end up with a calendar full of events you’re not interested in like I did.

We, at Yodel, are on a mission to help families coordinate their schedules effortlessly by delivering the events you need to your family calendar automatically. We make it possible for families to have an accurate and easily maintained calendar so they can enjoy better communications and connections.