Watch Now: Yodel Webinar Highlights from “Reviving Local News, Empowering Communities”

Jul 31, 2023

Yodel Community Connections

Did you know that local newspapers are shutting down at an average rate of two per week throughout the United States? [Source]

The decline of local newspapers has had adverse effects on community engagement and social capital. As technology offers multiple communication channels, it has also led to information overload, making it difficult for individuals to find relevant information. With the loss of reliable local news sources, false information spreads on social media platforms. The challenges faced by local newspapers, including decreased readership and subscriptions, result in fewer reporters covering community events and other important community information.

Yodel, a community engagement platform, plays a crucial role in filling the gap left by declining local news outlets. It acts as a centralized hub, providing community members with information about events and local initiatives. Yodel’s newsfeed feature has successfully increased attendance at community events in the Midwest while ensuring factual and accurate updates to counter misinformation.

This video includes some highlights from the webinar.

Special thank you to our sponsors from Coshocton, OH, Crawfordsville, IN, and Jay County, IN for participating in this engaging discussion.