Putting “Community” Back Into Our Communities

Sep 2, 2021

Yodel Community Connections
Most community organizations like churches, nonprofits, youth sports, schools, and municipalities create a schedule of events and then promote each event through social media, email, texts, and signs. The problem is that few people stop what they’re doing to put the event in their own calendar.

The irony is that most of these events started in an electronic calendar first and then were converted to various announcements with the hope that hundreds of people would manually re-enter them back into their own electronic calendar. With today’s technology, that seems pretty inefficient when you think about it.

Some organizations try to solve this problem by providing a “subscribe” button on their calendar. I tried this once with a school calendar and soon realized why I never want to do this again. Within seconds I had hundreds of events on my calendar that I never wanted to attend. What was even more frustrating, I had to delete them one at a time. Ugh!

On the web there are numerous sites with schedules and events, programs, games, practices, and productions in your community. However, no one takes the time to repeatedly search for the things they may be interested in.

Yodel is on a mission to provide a single location for every local schedule so that people can easily “follow” schedules making it so the events they are interested in get on their calendar effortlessly.

We believe that there are so many online distractions today leaving community organizations facing uphill challenges trying to get people engaged and involved in offline community events. Yodel wants to change that by making it so organizations can promote their events simply by putting them on their calendar. We want to bring community back to our communities.