Empowering Connections: Yodel’s Experience at AIM Ideas Summit 2023

Aug 28, 2023

Yodel Community Connections

For the second consecutive year, the Yodel team joined the vibrant atmosphere of the AIM Ideas Summit in French Lick, Indiana. The conference spotlights innovation, engagement, and community, and we were honored to be a part of the conference in more ways than one!

Unveiling Yodel Link: Elevating Community Connections

Our time at the summit was highlighted by the launch of our latest gem, Yodel Link. This cutting-edge product simplifies community engagement by aggregating local events and seamlessly integrating them into organizational websites, saving time and driving website traffic.

QR Code Cookies and Winning Smiles

The QR code cookies made a comeback at this year’s conference – only this year, we added a creative twist by offering people the chance to win some cash!

Ten lucky winners had the chance to not only savor a yummy treat but also to win a $25 gift card of their choice, simply by scanning the cookie! Talk about a win.

Empowering Through Dialogue: “Digital Disruption” Workshop

Our workshop, “Digital Disruption: Challenges & Opportunities for Communities in the Algorithm Era,” drew over 50 eager participants. We delved into the challenges posed by dwindling local news and the omnipresence of social media algorithms. These dynamics impact cities, nonprofits, and local businesses, affecting the very fabric of our communities. Together, we explored innovative solutions to empower these entities in navigating this new landscape.

Hoosier Hospitality: Where Community Thrives

For the second year running, the AIM Ideas Summit enveloped us in the warmth of Hoosier Hospitality. The atmosphere was both welcoming and collaborative, reiterating the strength of community connections. This shared spirit bolstered our commitment to fostering positive change through innovative tech solutions.

As we bid adieu to this year’s conference, we’re brimming with anticipation for what lies ahead. The future holds limitless opportunities for us to drive meaningful change and amplify community bonds through technology.

Thank you, Indiana, for always welcoming us with open arms!