Creative Spot announced partnership with Yodel

Sep 2, 2021

Creative Spot is excited to announce our partnership with Yodel, a calendar app that automatically delivers the events you’re interested in directly to your calendar. Yodel, which will launch this summer in central Ohio, already contains a library of more than 15,000 schedules.

With Yodel, people simply “follow” the schedules of the organizations and groups that they’re interested in, and Yodel puts all the events on their calendar automatically. If an event changes, it’s automatically changed for everyone. And it doesn’t matter what your primary calendar app is – Yodel will automatically sync and update your preferred app, whether it’s Google, Outlook, iCal or another calendar.

“It’s great for nonprofits, youth sports, performing arts centers, schools, gyms, municipalities, churches, museums, and any organization that has events.” Don Nixon, Principal at Creative Spot explains. “Instead of posting on social media, sending emails, and putting up signs, organizations promote their events simply by putting them on their calendar. Yodel can even sync an organization’s current social media accounts, eliminating the time-consuming task of updating multiple platforms.”

“There are so many online distractions today that many people aren’t benefiting from all the great things taking place right in their communities,” explains Ron Palmer, co-founder of Yodel. “We’re trying to make a difference by helping community organizations get more participation and involvement in the many things they offer to the community.”

When people hear about an event or program their interested in, they rarely take the time to put it on their calendar, increasing the chances they will forget about it. Yodel solves this problem by delivering the events people are interested in directly to their personal calendar, helping to improve attendance, strengthen volunteerism, avoid missed communications, and even increase donations.

“We believe there are so many great things going on locally that many people don’t take advantage of,” said Larry Triplett, CEO of Yodel. “Our mission is to help local organizations get those events on the calendars of people with interest. We want to bring community back to our communities.”

Yodel will launch in central Ohio this summer (2021) and can be found at