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"Let your community calendar promote all the awesomeness your area has to offer"  

- The Yodel Team

Supercharge Your Events Page

We populate your community calendar:   The Yodel Link service finds all the awesome things happening in your community and populates your website's community calendar for you.  

More events than you knew about: You'll be amazed at all the things you didn't know were happening in your community. 

More traffic:  Not only will your website get more traffic but even the small events will be getting more traffic.  

How Yodel Link Works 

Your Community Calendar Populated For You

Stop spending time looking for events:  Most visitor's centers find themselves surfing websites and Facebook trying to find local events to put on their website.  Yodel does that for you. 


Filtered precisely as you want:  Don't worry, you have complete control so you can add or remove events and categories at your discretion. 

Displayed On Your Website In
The Forma
t You Want

Use your current events calendar:   We provide events in all the standard formats (ical, ics, Google, Apple, Outlook, GraphQL, and custom api) so you don't have to change a thing.  Your visitors don't notice a difference (except that there are more events).    

Increase Web Traffic

Dramatic increase in web traffic:   Let your website become the "go to" place for everything local.   

  • Sporting events

  • Live entertainment 

  • Clubs and leagues

  • Performing arts

  • More

For local residents too:  Marketing local events to local residents is as important to the local economy as bringing in outsiders.  Because our technology gathers up practically everything, your website can power up the local economy by getting the local people to local events. 

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Happy computer user- low res.jpg

Automatic Updates

Changes made for you:   If the event creator changes anything about an event, it's automatically changed on your events calendar. 


Increase accuracy while saving time:  Have the peace of mind that the events on your calendar are in sync with what the event creator is publishing. 

What Community Leaders are Saying About Yodel...

Money well-spent

quote icon.jpg

I would love to tell my colleagues in the Chamber world to run and get signed up for the Yodel Community Calendar. The experience and the Yodel Team are both top-notch. You will not be disappointed, and it is marketing money well-spent.

Amy Crown, Director, Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce

Attendance is up

quote icon.jpg

Attendance is up {at events} and that could be for a variety of reasons, but I think Yodel is a part of that because people now have access to {everything happening in one place}. So, some of the events that maybe didn't get as big a turnout before will now have people there who wouldn't have probably known about it before.

Mayor Todd Barton, Crawfordsville, IN

See It For Yourself For Free

Try it for free!  Simply fill out the form below and within 48 hours our technology will find upcoming events in your area and put them on a calendar you can explore and interact with.  There's no obligation so give it a try so you can see how Yodel can make your life easier.  

Thank you!  We'll contact you within the next two business days.  

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