Defiance Ohio Keeps the Money Local with Yodel

Jan 19, 2023

Yodel Community Connections
A hometown should feel like home. And that was the goal of the Defiance Development and Visitor’s Bureau. The town was craving a way to easily connect residents with city events. This Ohio town of more than 16,000 people found that connection through the Yodel platform.

One comment that has been heard often is, “I didn’t know this event was happening,” Kirstie Mack shared. As the Executive Director of the Bureau, she said they researched and tried everything to attract people to events.

And that’s exactly what Yodel does. “We needed a change and when Yodel came along, we were very excited.” Kirstie, who has been at the Visitor’s Bureau for 13 years, said Yodel’s platform makes it simple and easy for people to find events.

Yodel is truly a one-stop shop that most people think it’s too good to be true, Kirstie said. “But, once on board, people love it!”

Kirstie said raising awareness about the community calendar is crucial. Community businesses and organizations are starting to see the impact and even working together to find entertainment in their hometown. Even if working together means a friendly competition on social media for followers.

Not only are businesses taking initiative, but the Defiance County Commissioners are getting involved. Kirstie said the commissioners have been cross-promoting to other counties because though Defiance may be the hub for most activities “each village has it’s unique offering, so let’s keep the money local.”

Another benefit of Yodel is the number of hours and resources saved by using a technology-based approach. Kirstie speculates that they have saved 40 hours a month in labor alone.

From the local coffee shop to commissioners, Yodel’s impact is growing and ultimately translates into a stronger and more vibrant community.