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Webinar:  Reviving Local News, Empowering Communities

Date:   July 20th, 2023

Time:  2:00pm EST 

Join us for a thought-provoking round table discussion on the pressing issue of declining local news and its profound impact on communities.

In this engaging session, three esteemed community leaders will come together to shed light on the challenges faced by communities due to declining local news and potential solutions to address this critical issue.

Our three panelists are as follows:

Amy Crown, Executive Director of the Coshocton Area Chamber of Commerce

Mayor Todd Barton, City of Crawfordsville, IN

Travis Richards, Executive Director of the Jay County Development Corporation

This webinar provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from influential voices at the forefront of community development. Join us as we delve into this timely topic and discuss actionable steps to support & revive local news, ensuring that communities thrive with access to accurate, reliable, and impactful information.

You'll have a chance for Q & A during the webinar. 

Image by Keith Hardy

Embrace the power of knowledge. Join this webinar to combat local news deserts in local communities.

With nearly a million events across its communities, Yodel is increasing community engagement and economic impact in communities across the midwest.  

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