Event and content publishing policy agreement:

​Community Calendar Public Event Policy

A Community Calendar Public Event is defined as any event published on the community calendar. Events in which the public is invited on private property which may affect public safety, health or welfare by their impact on surrounding public or private property may be deemed a Community Calendar Public Event.

Criteria for denial of an event to be included on the community calendar

  • The conduct of the event will substantially interrupt the safe and orderly movement of other traffic contiguous to its route.
  • The conduct of the event or the number of events scheduled during the time period will require the diversion of so great a number of other City employees, such as Police, Parks or Streets & Utilities staff, that adequate staff would not be available to complete City assignments.
  • The concentration of persons, equipment, vehicles or animals at the event or assembly sites will substantially interfere with adequate fire and police protection of, or emergency medical service to, areas near such sites.
  • The conduct of the event may result in violence to persons or property, causing serious harm to the public.
  • The event site or route will cause too great a disturbance to surrounding residents and businesses.
  • The date or location of the event is in direct conflict with an existing event.
  • Any proposed use of public property, right-of-way, or facilities will unreasonably interfere with normal use of the property, right-of-way, or facility by the City or the general public.
  • Past events held by applicant cause concern about the likelihood the event would follow city policy and regulations.

Community’s procedure for denying event inclusion on the community calendar

The process by which events are reported and blocked is as follows:

  • Organizations are first approved to be on the community calendar through the community calendar panel consisting of members of the municipality, Chamber of Commerce, and _______________.
  • Community members can report questionable affects through the “report” link on the community calendar. The community calendar panel (or a designee of the panel) will send an email to the event creator with a copy of this policy to the event creator indicating that its event has been blocked.
  • Event creator may informally discuss the event with the panel as needed and, upon its discretion the panel may unblock the event if it so desires.

Formal Appeal Process

The event creator may log a formal appeal to the Community Calendar Panel by submitting a written appeal to the panel stating its rationale for how the event does not violate the above-mentioned criteria. In such case, the panel will meet to formally discuss the appeal and provide a written response to the event creator.

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