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How Yodel pricing works

Every community on Yodel has a single entity as its sponsor such as the municipality or Chamber of Commerce. Getting the community on board yields great results, organizations thrive, more people buy locally, and the sense of connection and community grows. 

Community Sponsors


Community Members

(Municipalities, Townships, Chambers, Village Administrators, etc.)

(Schools, Nonprofits, Churches, Parks and Recreation, Leagues, Clubs, etc.)



Based on population

Perpetual calendar updates

Community branded website

Statistics across the entire community

Search and browse features

Opportunities for advertisements

Event suggestion technology

Links with Google, Apple, iCal, Excel and other digital formats

Unlimited events

One-on-one implementation 

Ongoing support


Perpetual calendar updates

Inclusion on specific community calendar

Organization specific statistics

Links with Google, Apple, iCal, Excel, and other digital formats

Event suggestion technology

Unlimited events


Easy access to all events on the community calendar

Ability to favorite schedules

Dynamic add-to-calendar feature

Event notifications 

AI driven event suggestions

Mobile and desktop friendly

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