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Get your events on the community calendar. 

Make lasting connections 

Making connections with community members is what builds your organization.  Today there are so many forces pulling people away from their community, you need a way to get your events on local residents' radar (and calendar).  Check out the video to see how Yodel helps you make those connections simply and easily.   

Get more people to your events

You spend so much time and money planning your events, but are you getting the attendance you’re hoping for?  The community calendar gets your events onto the calendars of people who care about your mission so your events are attended by the people you want.

Expand your reach

Are you seeing the same faces at all of your events?  The Yodel community calendar brings in new people beyond your usual reach by suggesting your events to people that might be interested, similar to how Netflix shows you movies you might like.

You increase event attendance, build connections, and much more.

Benefits you'd never expect...

No more competing with big-budget organizations on major search engines. Our sophisticated technology ensures that every time somebody searches for events, your community is first.
Your community ranks first, every time.
Gain incredible insights.
Yodel's dashboard provides municipalities and every organization with valuable analytics such as:
  • Clicks and views
  • Upcoming event attendance
  • Favorites per schedule
  • Engagement score
Bring the community together.
Just as Netflix shows you movies you might like, Yodel suggests events to community members based on their interests. Doing this brings communities together and members to events that they may not have known about otherwise. 

No extra effort needed for your organization.

Yodel calendar links to any external calendar.
No matter what format your organization's events are in, we get them onto the community site without any extra effort. Our technology pulls events from all calendars including web sites, Google calendar, Outlook, Apple, Excel, and more. Plus, any time you make changes or add events, the community calendar is automatically updated.   

Do you want your events on Yodel?

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