Turn your calendar into a
highly effective promotional tool.  
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Increase event attendance
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Simplify communications
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Increase participation and connections 
Young kids playing together next to a Yodel calendar.
Let your calendar do the work for you.  

Increase event attendance 

Our mission is to help bring communities together and that's why we make it easy for families and individuals to get your events on their calendars.  Check out the video to see how it works.  

Simplify communications

Today, there is so much "noise" in people's lives and even with all your efforts, messages about upcoming events may not be getting through. 


With Yodel, promoting and event is as simple as putting it on your calendar.  Plus, with one click you can share it on any social media channel or through email.

Group of young people volunteering.

Build a steady pool of volunteers  

Many people are looking to volunteer but don’t know where to start. Yodel’s self-directed volunteer approach provides a gentle way to promote your volunteer opportunities and get them on people’s calendars. 

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Enhance donations

On each Yodel event, there's an online giving opportunity that provides a gentle reminder that the mission requires resources.    


People can make a one-time gift or set up recurring payments.  All funds go directly to your bank account and Yodel provides comprehensive donor reporting. 

Donate button on the Yodel calendar event details page.

Expand your reach

Are you seeing the same faces at all of your events?  Yodel can help bring in new people beyond your usual reach.  Yodel suggests your events to people in your community that might be interested, similar to how Netflix shows you movies you might like.

In turn, you will increase event attendance, build connections, and much more.

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Yodel works with your existing calendar

Yodel works with Google, Outlook, Apple, and most web calendars so you don't have to change a thing.  Just link Yodel to your existing calendar and you're good to go.   
Yodel can link to any external calendar.
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Easy to get started

Sign up 
Link your existing calendar
Let people know you're on Yodel
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Benefits you'd never expect from a calendar...  

Incredible insights  
Insights you can't get any other way:
  • Upcoming event attendance
  • Total followers
  • Donations by fund
  • Followers by schedule
Yodel calendar analytics dashboard.
Event promotion assistance 
We help you increase attendance and engagement with dozens of videos, social posts, and assistance getting your audience on Yodel.  Once your audience is on Yodel, promoting events is as simple as putting them on your calendar. 
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 Promotional video library  

Web site calendar that lets users follow and share your events
Use Yodel's web site calendar on your web site to make your events visible and super easy for people to get your events (and all your future events) on their calendars.
Yodel calendar widget for organization's websites.
Your events are suggested to people with similar interests 
Just as Netflix shows you movies you might like, Yodel suggests your events to people in your community who share the same interests. 
The Yodelverse.
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Easy to get started

Sign up for Yodel
Link your calendar to Yodel
Let people know you're on Yodel
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Yodel calendar via the website.

We provide a library of videos and social posts to help get your audience on Yodel.  


Serving humanity is why we do what we do.  Yodel brings us together.       

Community is coming back

After Covid, community is coming back and Yodel can help get people to your events.       

Empty Auditorium

It's your big event, you've spent countless hours preparing, the curtain opens and....   

How Yodel works

Get a quick overview of how Yodel works. 

Don't miss another event


Your life is hectic.  Let Yodel make sure you don't miss another one of your kids' events.