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Check Out The Features That Make Yodel So Valuable For Your Community 

Content acquistion engine

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Only technology of its kind:  Yodel is the only technology that is continually gathering up events, news, and other information from thousands of local websites, social media posts, online calendars, newsletters, public notices, and other sources.  Everything that Yodel collects is public information and has been pre-approved by its content creators.  


More local information than any other service:  Yodel collects more events and other information than any other service.    

Dynamic event 


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Automatic event updates:  Unlike other community calendars, when community members save an event to their personal calendar, it’s a “live” link so that if something changes about that event, it is changed on your calendar for you. 


Use case:  This is especially helpful for youth sports when a game is cancelled or the playing field is changed, the coach simply changes it on Yodel and all the calendars of the parents, grandparents, team members, and anyone following the team is updated automatically.   

Your community

always ranks first

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Keep community members local:  Research shows that 6 out of 10 local search results take you out of your community. This is great if you're the organization with all the SEO horsepower but what about the small businesses and organizations in your community?


Pull your community members back home:  Yodel only presents local events and organizations so that a search on Yodel is sure to keep people local.  

Active event


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Active event discovery:  Yodel introduces community members to events and activities they didn’t know about but are still within their field of interest. 


Self learning:  From the moment users sign up, Yodel begins learning about their interests and begins providing relevant local content and events customized to their interests.

No angry and

biased content

Not like social media:  While Yodel’s content comes from local community members and organizations, it is not a free-for-all like social media.  Local sourcing means that the content is created by local people for benefit of their neighbors.


Every source is vetted and all news content is curated before it goes on the feed.   Readers can provide supportive reactions but there's no comments. 

Emergency alerts

and announcements

Communicate to the entire community:  Yodel provides a means for important public announcements to be sent to everyone in the community.  Unlike social media, algorithms do not block these from getting through. 


Get the word out in a hurry:  Snow alerts, road closures, utility announcements, and any other important notices are pinned to the the top of everyone’s feed until they interact with it. 

No calendar


Get only the events you want:  Because Yodel allows organizations to separate their events into various schedules, community members can follow schedules that interest them instead of getting flooded with every event on that organization’s calendar. 


Example:  If you don’t have kids, you don't want notices about the YMCA's kids programs but you may want the Y's Yoga schedule.  No other platform breaks it down so you get what you want.   


Customized for 

your community

Create community specific filters:   TSince every community is unique, Yodel allows for sponsor created local event filters.  


Use Case:  For example, a custom filter could be created for the community’s tourism unique tourism events, or the annual tractor pull, the holiday events, or anything that is unique to the community.  And, if it’s seasonal, it can be removed and re-started each season.

Auto populate your website calendar 

Populate your events calendar:  Yodel exports events in all the standard calendar formats including ical, webcal, ics, Apple, Google, Outlook, api, and GraphQL so your website's event calendar can benefit from all the events Yodel has collected. 


Events approved by you:  Don't worry, our process allows you to easily set up filters and approvals so only the events you want get on your events calendar.  

Examples:  Tourism/visitor websites, Chamber websites, municipality sites, community sports sites, and more.

Personalized news


Personalized news and updates:  Yodel's technology is constantly gathering local updates and serving them up to community members based on their unique interests and interactions on Yodel.  


No service exists like this anywhere:  No other service exists like this anywhere.  Yodel gives community members one-stop place to connect with everything local.  

What Community Leaders are Saying About Yodel...    

Money well-spent

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I would love to tell my colleagues in the Chamber world to run and get signed up for the Yodel Community Calendar. The experience and the Yodel Team are both top-notch. You will not be disappointed, and it is marketing money well-spent.

Amy Crown, Director, Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce

Attendance is up

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Attendance is up {at events} and that could be for a variety of reasons, but I think Yodel is a part of that because people now have access to {everything happening in one place}. So, some of the events that maybe didn't get as big a turnout before will now have people there who wouldn't have probably known about it before.

Mayor Todd Barton, Crawfordsville, IN

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