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Why we're here. 

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Social networks, streaming services, and search engines are pulling us away from our local communities. Local events and activities are sprinkled across dozens of websites, making it difficult for local people to know what's happening in their very own town.

Our concern is that we'll wake up one day and realize that our small towns are nothing more than a group of strangers. 

How we can help. 

Our mission is to bring the "small-town feel" back to every community. 

We do this by bringing all local events - schools, nonprofits, youth sports, night spots, churches, clubs, entertainment - together into one site for your community, making it easier than ever for community members to find what's going on.


Everyone in the community benefits. 

Community Members

Become reacquainted with your community and stay in-the-know on local events.

Find your kids' events in one spot and seamlessly add them to your personal calendar.


Gain greater visibility, improve commerce or donations, and bring new people to your organization.

Businesses and Non-profits


Gain greater engagement and attendance at community events.

Attract new members and make more meaningful connections. 

Churches, Clubs, and Leagues

How it works.

Yodel creates a website that's specific to your community where citizens can look up anything that is happening around town.

Our technology can even understand the users' interests and suggest events, organizations, and more from your community that we know they would love. 

Benefits you'd never expect...

No more competing with big-budget organizations on major search engines. Our sophisticated technology ensures that every time somebody searches for events, your community is first.
Your community ranks first, every time.
Gain incredible insights.
Yodel's dashboard provides municipalities and every organization with valuable analytics such as:
  • Clicks and views
  • Upcoming event attendance
  • Favorites per schedule
Bring the community together.
Just as Netflix shows you movies you might like, Yodel suggests events to community members based on their interests. Doing this brings communities together and members to events that they may not have known about otherwise. 

No extra effort needed for organizations.

Yodel calendar links to any external calendar.
No matter what format an organization's events are in, we get them onto the community site without any extra effort.

Our technology allows us to pull from all platforms, including web sites, Google, Outlook, Apple, Excel, and more. As organizers make changes or add events, the community calendar is automatically updated.  

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