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Bringing families and communities together again!
The calendar that makes connections.
Why we're here.
Social networks, streaming services, and search engines are pulling us away from our local communities. We're concerned that we'll wake up one day and realize that our small towns are nothing more than a group of strangers. 

To make matters even worse, local events and activities are sprinkled across dozens of websites, making it difficult for people like you to know what's happening in your own community, unless you want to spend hours surfing the web.


How it works.

Yodel creates an easy-to-use platform for community members to easily find anything and everything they are interested in. Events can seamlessly be added to your calendar, favorite schedules so you can easily access their events, or just browse all categories in the system.
How the community calendar helps you.
Your kids' events in one place.
  • Every school schedule on one, easy-to-use site.
  • Games, practices, lessons and more seamlessly added to your personal calendar.
  • Any location or time changes are automatically updated for you.
Never miss an event again.
  • Stay up to date on what's happening in town.
  • Reconnect with fellow community members.
  • Find local events in your community directly related to your interests.
Find fun things to do.
  • Discover something new to do around town.
  • Easily search for fun events this weekend.
  • Find out what the special is at your favorite night spot.
  • Get the weekly trivia nights right onto your personal calendar. 
Add to your calendar with one click.
  • Get reminders from your personal calendar.
  • Any event changes are automatically updated for you.
  • Keep your schedule organized so you don't miss the next local event.
Yodel calendar links to any external calendar.
Yodel can easily link to your calendar, allowing you to seamlessly add events from the community calendar to yours. The best part - the link is completely dynamic. That means that any time an event has a time or location change, your calendar automatically updates. Pretty cool, right?
No need to change a thing, Yodel's got you covered.
If your community isn't using Yodel yet, fill out the form below. We'd love to add them to our growing list of partners!

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