Why we created Yodel


​Families are going crazy coordinating the family calendar.  Parents spend hours each week going to web sites, apps, and texts to assemble a family schedule, not to mention the time spent going to the wrong ballfield or missing an important recital. ​​

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  • Event attendance:  Churches, nonprofits, youth sports, civic organizations, and others are working extra hard to promote their events but, in doing so, they are relying on potential attendees to enter the event in their own calendar.  Statistics show that when an event isn't on a person's calendar, it is highly unlikely he/she will attend. 

  • Online distractions:  Unfortunately, today there are so many online distractions that people are becoming isolated from their communities and the many meaningful local events that could bring them closer to people in their own communities. 


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We are on a mission to bring community back to our communities by providing a convenient way for community organizations to get their events on the calendars of their participants. 


People can get all their events into their personal calendar automatically.  Families can easily find and schedule local activities that build healthy families.  Churches, nonprofits, youth sports, civic organizations, parks and recreation, restaurants, night spots, and other community organizations become more vibrant through greater awareness and visibility.  The community regains the sense of community and connection by bringing people together.  


Forces pulling people away from community 

Social media, streaming services, and other online activities are pulling people away from their communities and we're concerned that soon our communities will become simply a collection of strangers.

Most communities still have thousands of exciting events and activities that people just don’t know about, things that create real connections, real friendships, real engagement.  Our goal is to help communities grow and become more vibrant by helping people know about and get engaged in these local opportunities.