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With Yodel, your league's schedule gets to the players' calendars automatically. When something changes, simply make the change in your calendar and the change goes to everyone automatically.

You can spend less time texting about the schedule and more time enjoying the fun.

The league is supposed to be fun

The league is supposed to be fun for everyone. Managing the schedule and keeping everyone updated should not take the fun out it for you.

Let Yodel bring the fun back for you and the members.

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Use your existing calendar

If you're already using a calendar like Google, Outlook, Office365, and others, you don't have to change a thing.

Just let Yodel publish your schedule and your job is done.


Use Yodel as a fund-raiser

While Yodel is completely free, you may want to consider letting Yodel be a fund raiser for you. If so, when people subscribe to your event schedule, they can optionally donate any amount (including nothing) as a fund raiser for the league.

It may be able to eliminate one or more of your other fund-raisers while providing real value to your constituents.

Help make the world a better place.

The makers of Yodel are passionate about making the world a better place by improving family connections. We believe that kids raised in a happy, connected family environment are more likely to become impactful solid citizens. That's why we created Yodel. If you have suggestions to advance our cause, let us know!