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Get the events you’re interested in delivered to your calendar automatically.

Yodel You Pick What Goes On Your Calendar

Everything in one place, automatically


Plus, Yodel is a family calendar so you can replace family scheduling headaches with a smooth, coordinated week. You’ll know when and where to pick up Johnny from practice, when to expect Susan home from her meeting, and you’ll eliminate the scheduling conflicts that happen when someone fails to mention their team banquet is tonight.

Family bliss will resume (at least from a scheduling standpoint).

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Never miss an event again

Remember the time your kid's event changed location and your spouse showed up at the wrong location?

With Yodel, when something changes, it's changed automatically in your calendar. Gone are the days of sifting through text messages to find the time and location of the event. Find it in your calendar, where it should be.

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Use your existing calendar

If you already use a calendar like Google Calendar, Outlook, or the calendar that’s on your phone, you can link it with Yodel and keep on using that favorite calendar. We get it!


And it's all free!

Yodel wants to make the world a better place by improving the way families connect with each other their community. We believe that kids raised in a happy, connected family environment are more likely to become impactful solid citizens.

Yodel Its All Free

Virtually everything in town is on Yodel

. . . if it's not, you can put it there

Yodel Everything In Your Town

Yodel is the place where practices, rehearsals, leagues, club meetings, and virtually everything that is happening locally. If something is happening in town that isn't on Yodel, let the organizer know they can link their current calendar to Yodel and be on Yodel in a few clicks.

And, yes, it's free for them too.

Help make the world a better place.

The makers of Yodel are passionate about making the world a better place by improving family connections. We believe that kids raised in a happy, connected family environment are more likely to become impactful solid citizens. That's why we created Yodel. If you have suggestions to advance our cause, let us know!

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