Get Listed

Get your organization’s schedule on the community calendar with just a few clicks.

Simplify your life

Yodel Simplify Your Life

Team members, parents, participants media, and others can 'follow' your schedule so as you add or change events, they are notified.

Mass communicate to anyone following your schedule.

Use it for practice/game schedules, meetings, recitals, festivals, nonprofit events, volunteer activities, and more.

Improve attendance

Think of the time you’ve missed an event you were interested in simply because it wasn’t on your calendar.

When your events are on people’s calendars, they are much more likely to attend.

Improve Attendance Music

Use your existing calendar

If you already use a calendar like Google Calendar, Outlook, or the calendar that’s on your phone, you can link it with Yodel and keep on using that favorite calendar. We get it!


Help make the world a better place.

The makers of Yodel are passionate about making the world a better place by improving family connections. We believe that kids raised in a happy, connected family environment are more likely to become impactful solid citizens. That's why we created Yodel. If you have suggestions to advance our cause, let us know!

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