Ask Yodel!

Yes, there’s no fee for Yodel. It is sponsored by ads, organizations through their donation process, and special event promotions.

It’s simple and free for any organization to put its schedule on Yodel. Simply sign up and either create your event schedule in Yodel or if you already have your schedule in a Google, Apple, or Exchange calendar, you can simply link it to Yodel. As you add or change events in your calendar, they are automatically delivered to all your Yodel followers automatically.

Absolutely, just go to www.Yodel.today on your computer.

There’s a login recovery process just like many other apps that will help you if you forget your login information.

Yes, absolutely. Each of you can see everyone else’s schedule. Or, with one touch you can see only your schedule (work schedule, for example). At a glance, Yodel’s family color grid show the family members going to each event.

Yes, but it doesn’t pollute your work calendar with family stuff, if you don’t want it to. Some people want their work and family events all together. Yodel does that nicely. But, if you want them segregated, it does that nicely too.

Yes, you will get a text or email (whichever you prefer) but most importantly the event is changed automatically in your calendar for you. Your calendar remains the source of truth for events, times, and locations, instead of a bunch of texts and emails.


Help make the world a better place.

The makers of Yodel are passionate about making the world a better place by improving family connections. We believe that kids raised in a happy, connected family environment are more likely to become impactful solid citizens. That's why we created Yodel. If you have suggestions to advance our cause, let us know!